Apple Orchards & Halloween October 23, 2019 16:33

Apple Orchard Penrose Colorado 2008 by Wendy Christine Basham
"They came out in a thin spiral, like smoke rising from a small fire, then in a twisted column, a pillar growing upward, larger at the top like a funnel, spinning faster and faster.  The funnel danced back and forth as the wind pushed it, until the bats streamed out eastward in a cloud, passing over his head.  He heard the hissing of hundreds of thousands of little wings, making a downdraft of warm ammoniac air around him.  Still the bats poured out, the long cloud like the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl, while the sky behind the mountain turned from gold to red to the clear cold green that precedes the deep indigo of night."  from Bats by Diane de Avalle-Arce, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine August 1992.
Visit an apple orchard in early October to find wooden crates of the various red, yellow and green pommes; pumpkins as orange as flames; cats creeping through dwarf Jonathan apple trees sly like spies.   School buses parked on country roads full of rushing children free to run and roam in nature's green land.  Pick a pumpkin from its hard stem in the brown dirt!
Raspberry Lane Crafts wishes you a most Happy Halloween!

October 2019 New Patterns October 1, 2019 11:55

Ghost Orchid Quilt Block Pattern

October 2019 NEW PATTERNS

From The Art of Wendy Christine designs converted to cross-stitch patterns we have Grapesugar Cross Stitch Pattern.

Exotic orchids flourish again in the Wild Orchids Collection pattern Ghost Orchid Quilt Pattern.

Beach house decor from the Seaside Habitats Collection is our Sandpiper and the Shells Quilt Pattern.


        $9.99                            $7.99                           $10.99

Coming soon... a Halloween embroidery pattern

August 2019 New Products August 12, 2019 11:03

"One of the greatest and suddenest storms on record has just been experienced here, with results both strange and unique.  The weather had been somewhat sultry, but not to any degree uncommon in the month of August."  from Dracula by Bram Stoker.

If you missed browsing, these are a few of our new products for August.



      Aqua Rose Mugs                  Sunset Filigree Mugs


Home Decor

Aqua Rose Throw Pillows



Tuscan Lotus Scarves


Embroidery Supplies


              Charms                                  Pendants


           Scissors                          Snap 'n Store Cases




We want your experience at Raspberry Lane Crafts to be like a kid in a candy store - full of colors, wonder and delight!

We appreciate you greatly!

Great Ideas: Brown Lace Heart July 26, 2019 15:33

Brown Lace Heart Cross Stitch Pattern Buy Find Purchase at Raspberry Lane Crafts

Versatility in a cross stitch pattern can be a fabulous way to decorate your beautiful space - a home office, den or breakfast nook!  Our great idea begins with a simple cross stitch pattern Lace in Blue and the possibilities abound...

In this photo, we've stitched the Heart Lace cross stitch but we've used a brown fabric and DMC floss 3021.  Stitch the heart, tulip, or butterfly using your favorite embroidery floss color and an appropriate AIDA cross stitch fabric.

More color scheme ideas:

Wichelt Lavender fabric and DMC floss 32


Wichelt Mediterranean Sea fabric and DMC 3865


Wichelt Natural Rustico fabric and DMC 498


Wichelt Parchment fabric and DMC 703


Wichelt Natural Light fabric and DMC 725


Lace in Blue cross stitch is available as a paper pattern or download.

Have a lovely day!

Adventure by the River July 1, 2019 18:50

June 30, 2019

Treasured for trout fishing, our Arkansas River destination is just upstream of the Royal Gorge in Colorado.  Dropping 4,600 feet in a mere 120 miles, the river quakes along its banks this fine day.  Blue skies and a hot sun - a perfect day to showcase our Compact Mirrors.

Watch this adventurous video if you're interested in raging rivers, huge shade trees, bright pink flowering cholla cactus and our exciting new line of compact mirrors.

Listen to the sounds of a rushing river, then a flowering field of crickets...

Then have an adventure of your own!

Afterward: My personal sacrifice for shooting this amateur video was ants biting my feet practically the whole time!  Shall we coin a new phrase?  

With great rains come great ant colonies!

Metallic Floss Conversion Chart May 22, 2019 14:39

Old DMC Metallic Floss Conversion Chart to New Light Effects Color Numbers

The eleven original DMC Metallic Floss colors have been re-numbered as part of the Light Effects collection.  In this new conversion chart (above) the metallic floss is listed by its old color number.  New color numbers in the Light Effects range are listed in the right-hand column.  In addition, this chart divides the Metallics into their Light Effects Series including: Jewels, Precious Metals and Pearlescents.

This chart is very valuable for those of us who still have the metallics listed by their old names.

Download chart by clicking on it.

See what colors Raspberry Lane Crafts carries right now.

Cross-Stitch Patterns that use Metallics at RLC:

Enjoy and thanks for your visit! 

New Southwest Pattern Video March 7, 2019 17:46

Like the treacherous trip from Mexico into the United States, our new pattern video is littered in bristle-sharp cactus.  Cactus in Clay Pots Mobile is a spicy new sewing pattern to whip-up for your own Southwest abode or a special gift for a friend.

Tips on assembling easier are covered in the video.  Enjoy this freebee from your friends here at Raspberry Lane Crafts!

Cactus in Clay Pots


16 NEW DMC Floss Color Names January 29, 2019 11:58

New 16 DMC six-stranded embroidery floss for sale at Raspberry Lane Crafts

The new 16 DMC six-stranded floss colors have been released.

3880 - Medium Very Dark Shell Pink

3881 - Pale Avocado Green

3882 - Medium Light Cocoa

3883 - Medium Light Copper

3884 - Medium Light Pewter

3885 - Medium Very Dark Blue

3886 - Very Dark Plum

3887 - Ultra Very Dark Lavender

3888 - Medium Dark Antique Violet

3889 - Medium Light Lemon

3890 - Very Light Bright Turquoise

3891 - Very Dark Bright Turquoise

3892 - Medium Light Orange Spice

3893 - Very Light Mocha Beige

3894 - Very Light Parrot Green

3895 - Medium Dark Beaver Gray

Available only as a set at Raspberry Lane Crafts.

See Ya Craftsy January 11, 2019 17:34

Table peach dahlia flowers is no more!  Over 200,000 sewing patterns were available on the site.  As of January 8, 2019 it has changed to Blueprint deleting 188,000 patterns from independent designers across the internet.

All of Raspberry Lane Crafts patterns were deleted with no warning.  Supposedly, an email was sent mid-December but we must have missed it.

Rest assured that our patterns are all still on this site including a "Free Pattern" section.  Raspberry Lane Crafts patterns are available as downloads or paper patterns with few exceptions.

Thank you for supporting independent pattern companies all across the internet!  If you didn't shop here, we would be no more and our choices would be limited to the big box stores.

Keep sewing alive by teaching your kids, grandkids, and communities how to sew!  

Own Your Own Art Show November 30, 2018 13:35

Own Your Own Art Show Pueblo, CO The Art of Wendy Christine

The Own Your Own Art Show at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center displays until December 30th, 2018.  Enjoy the work of local artists in Pueblo, Colorado and purchase a few for your home or office.  This is the first time I've entered artwork for this show.  Variety is off-the-charts from hangable to wearable art.  When a piece of art is purchased, you carry it out with you that moment!

If you are in the area, come out for the free admission to the Hoag and Regional art galleries at Sangre de Cristo Art Center.

Pictured above is Wendy Christine with her colored pencil on canvas print "White Lotus with Stained Glass" - the other colored pencil on canvas entitled "Sunset Filigree" 24 x 24 inches is also on display.  Just below you can see the top of a dragon popping out of an egg clay piece - how fun!

Own Your Own Show

2018 Guess The Floss Contest November 1, 2018 16:41

2018 Raspberry Lane Crafts Guess the Floss Contest

Welcome to Raspberry Lane Crafts first Guess The Floss Contest!  To win a gift certificate for $20 to use on any order at you'll need to guess which DMC six-stranded embroidery floss color numbers have been used in the above picture.  Twelve colors in the correct order must be guessed.

Rules:  One guess per person.  Title the email "Guess the Floss Contest".  Guess the numbers in the TOP ROW and the BOTTOM ROW in the correct order.  Email your name, city, state and guess to us at

End Date:  The contest closes when the first correct answer is received by email or November 30, 2018.

Winner will be announced on this blog and a promo code sent by email to the winner!

By entering this contest you agree to let Raspberry Lane Crafts use your name, city and state in the winner announcement on this blog and promo code cannot be used for shipping costs.

Good luck!

DECEMBER UPDATE:  We had no winner this year.  Maybe next year!  Thanks so much!

The DMC Shopper's Checklist Re-Boot 2019 November 1, 2018 15:41 7 Comments

 DMC Shopper's Checklist 2019

If you're ready for the new 2019 version of The DMC Shopper's Checklist look no further.  The old list link has been down for quite some time, so we've re-typed it with all the new DMC six-stranded embroidery floss from 2017 (01 through 35), the Light Effects series of jewels, gemstones, precious metals, pearlescents, antiques and fluorescents, plus the NEWEST colors 3880 to 3895.

For Halloween Night October 15, 2018 17:18

"'It's Hallowe'en tonight,' Kathy said.    She sat on the floor in front of the window seat, busy with her preparations for the evening, intent on the contents of a big cardboard box. On the boulevard outside the dusk was falling almost imperceptibly on the facades of the houses opposite; the automobiles cutting red trails with their rear-lights in the gathering darkness." - "The Candle in the Skull" by Ramsey Campbell

As candy corns melt in fistfuls, the crescent moon peeks upon the horizon, and your little trick-or-treaters scuttle about in white taffeta fairy dresses and black satin vampire capes, remember to have a fun Halloween and watch for the little rodents if your out driving!

If you're in for the night it might be fun to sew the Gaslights of Halloween quilting pattern.  Here's a new video on assembly tips!

"I was working in the lab late one night..."

Gaslights of Halloween Pattern



Autumn Seasonal Leaf Hangers Pattern August 22, 2018 16:32

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree" - Emily Bronte

Listen to the wind blowing leaves off trees as you gear up your stash for autumn sewing.  Watch our NEW video for tips on making the Leaf Hangers - three leaf designs in maple, oak, and aspen.  

  • Make into ornaments,
  • Hang directly on a pushpin, or
  • Attach together on a ribbon length for a lovely fall decoration.

Retail Price: $9.99

Leaf Hangers Pattern

Digital Download

Embroidery Patterns July 10, 2018 12:05

Flower Field embroidery design pattern download includes a trio orchid on long stems with flourishes and a sunflower with five leaves.  Perfect for embroidery on jeans.

Embroidery patterns are a beautiful way to add graceful touches to your special clothes like a t-shirt, jeans or jacket.  Expensive clothing-makers know these designs set their products apart.  For just a few dollars, you can download one of our beautiful designs, embroider with your favorite color floss, and make your clothing unique!

These sets are available for $2.99 each.

Flower Field (pictured above)

Orchid Fragrance

Rose Blooms

Verdant Leaves

Burgers, Fries and Pizza


Shipping Rates June 20, 2018 10:23

 Shipping Rates for Raspberry Lane Crafts

Many people have questions about shipping rates.  As of January 2019 these are current.  


RLC Staff

Blue Orchid Quilt Block Pattern June 8, 2018 15:11

New patterns for May 2018 include:

Cross Stitch Pattern: Treasure Box

Quilt Patterns: Blue Orchid and Chinese Lantern Freedom

These patterns are available as paper copies or digital downloads.  Save on shipping with the downloads!

Also new is the Blue Orchid quilt block pattern video.


Spring Art Discount March 29, 2018 17:34

Easter Spring Blue Egg Discount on The Art of Wendy Christine 15% OFF CODE SPRING15 at Raspberry Lane CraftsSpring storms have arrived along with this early Easter holiday!  Rain opens the budding trees and blades of new grass appear.  

Enjoy the season of spring cleaning and redecorate your abode with new artwork!

Now through the end of April 2018 all art from The Art of Wendy Christine is discounted 15%.


Thanks for supporting independent artists!

Advantages of Buying Digital Download Patterns March 27, 2018 15:51

If you live in the 21st century, everything is available digitally - movies, photos, songs, tax documents...

Why not patterns?  Of course quilt and cross stitch patterns are available as digital downloads!  Now Raspberry Lane Crafts patterns are too!

The up side of buying digital patterns:

1) Free Shipping - Sorry USPS.  No need for shipping costs when the file is transferred digitally.  Keep your wallet a little fatter by avoiding this unnecessary cost.  

2) Adobe Reader is Free - Digital downloads are saved and emailed as .pdf files which are readable on lots of free software like Adobe Reader on all kinds of digital devices.  

3) Magnifiers - Cross stitch symbols too hard to read? Font too small? Make pattern images larger on your screen easily with the magnifying button.  No need for a magnifying glass here!

4) Saving Trees and Energy - Yes, digital patterns are mongo-easy on the environment.  Isn't that always a good idea?

5) Embroidery Charm - Using a digital file lets you print out embroidery designs directly on your own transfer paper.  User Note: only use inkjet printers with transfer paper. 

A few disadvantages to digital patterns:

1) Technophobes Beware - If you don't own a computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or whatever is next (watchpad, eye implant) you won't be able to use the digital pattern but we still sell the paper patterns here, too!

2) Ink Monsters - Most patterns have just a few need-to-print pages like pattern pieces but if you'll print the entire download some files may contain up to about fifteen pages like Chinese Lantern - Faith.  Printer ink is the most expensive liquid on Earth I've heard so you may need to store up XL versions of at-home printer cartridges if you MUST print everything.

Digital downloads are the present and future thing.  Take advantage of this wonderful option for you now!  

Seventeen for '17 February 1, 2018 14:32

Seventeen quilt and cross stitch patterns are photographed here in a range of colors from Raspberry Lane Crafts

Seventeen new patterns were created at Raspberry Lane Crafts in the year 2017.


Chinese Lanterns Longevity, Fortune, Faith, Love, and Peace

Mountain Habitats block #11 Raccoon by the Stream and #12 Canyon Kaibab Squirrel

San Antonio Riverwalk

Ric Rac Cactus with Stained Glass

The Holly and the Angels

Cross Stitch

Jewel and Gothic Ornaments

Ice Cat and Purple Flower for Mom cross-stitches

Lace in Blue

Ivy Needlebook

Spix's Macaw


Thanks very much for your support of independent designers!

Have a wonderful 2018!

Love to all,



35 New DMC Embroidery Floss Names November 6, 2017 15:58

Thirty-five new DMC six-stranded embroidery floss will be here by December.  I'm so excited to begin incorporating them into new cross stitch designs!  Trumpets, please...

01 - White Tin

02 - Tin

03- Medium Tin

04 - Dark Tin

05 - Light Driftwood

06 - Medium Light Driftwood

07 - Driftwood

08 - Dark Driftwood

09 - Very Dark Cocoa

10- Very Light Tender Green

11 - Light Tender Green

12 - Tender Green

13 - Medium Light Nile Green

14 - Pale Apple Green

15 - Apple Green

16 - Light Chartreuse

17 - Light Yellow Plum

18 - Yellow Plum

19 - Medium Light Autumn Gold

20 - Shrimp

21 - Light Alizarin

22 - Alizarin

23 - Apple Blossom

24 - White Lavender

25 - Ultra Light Lavender

26 - Pale Lavender

27 - White Violet

28 - Medium Light Eggplant

29 - Eggplant

30 - Medium Light Blueberry

31 - Blueberry

32 - Dark Blueberry

33 - Fuchsia

34 - Dark Fuchsia

35 - Very Dark Fuchsia


Fortune Lantern August 10, 2017 11:09

Susan Wilkerson sent this perfectly stitched Chinese Lantern Fortune block. Beautiful!  Chinese Lantern Faith, the third in the series, hits the shelves this month.

If you'd like to send us a photo of your finished Raspberry Lane Crafts project please email to

We'd love to see your work! 

The Squirrel Cuckoo Bird July 17, 2017 13:56

When sunning at the pool is over, try stitching to brighten your day.  Here's our new embroidery kit available now.

The Squirrel Cuckoo Bird Cross Stitch Kit is now available from Raspberry Lane Crafts.  With the kit you'll receive: the pattern, 20 DMC floss, Scarlet Today Size 07 needles (12-pack), and an Allary embroidery scissors.

See video of the finished cross stitch here.


Six Bunnies and a Quilt Block Pattern June 15, 2017 17:06

Have you seen this new video?  If you'd like to play "Where's Waldo?" with bunnies, slide forward to 5 min 35 sec.  On the way though, see how Chinese Lantern - Fortune is made.  Block #2 in the Chinese Lanterns Collection is as easy as bunnies hopping...