The Soft Irish Rain ... May 5, 2015 15:21

Soft rain falls here in Pueblo West like the green hills of Ireland.  Usually, dryness cracks the earth around this high desert plain.  I'm replacing three dead bushes from this winter's dryness and my lack of winter-watering.

Yesterday at the post office, a plastic donation can was perched on the counter with a picture of my mail carrier who I haven't seen in a couple months.  The sticky tab next to her picture explained she has been diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer.  She cannot work anymore.  She is only 52.  Life is a precious gift.

"Night slowly passed.  The sun rose.  The hobbits rose rather later.  Morning went on.  People came and began (by orders) to clear away the pavilions and the tables and the chairs, and the spoons and knives and bottles and plates, and the lanterns, and the flowering shrubs in boxes, and the crumbs and cracker-paper, the forgotten bags and gloves and handkerchiefs, and the uneaten food (a very small item)." - Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Color Descriptions for DMC Embroidery Floss Colors link - highlight, right click and go to address.  This address takes you immediately to download this table for Adobe Reader.,d.b2w