A Story from 9-11 September 11, 2015 19:36

In 2001, I worked at a day spa in Southern Maryland.  This is a story told to me by one of my clients.  From my journal:

March 11, 2002

D.P. relayed this story to me a few weeks after 9-11.  She worked in Navy advertising at the Navy Annex across the street from the Pentagon. 

D.P. was sent to retrieve a cell phone a general had left at National Airport (Ronald Reagan) before the planes hit in the morning.  She was driving on 395 when she saw the airplane come in so low that it hit a phone pole which fell down bi-secting a taxi cab between the driver and the passenger in back.  Fortunately, both people were unhurt.

She said cars were wrecking all over 395 and Route One because people did not know what was happening.  People got out of their cars and were staring at the burning Pentagon. 

D.P. drove on the shoulders and got away as soon as possible before the imminent evacuation of Washington, D.C.