Advantages of Buying Digital Download Patterns March 27, 2018 15:51

If you live in the 21st century, everything is available digitally - movies, photos, songs, tax documents...

Why not patterns?  Of course quilt and cross stitch patterns are available as digital downloads!  Now Raspberry Lane Crafts patterns are too!

The up side of buying digital patterns:

1) Free Shipping - Sorry USPS.  No need for shipping costs when the file is transferred digitally.  Keep your wallet a little fatter by avoiding this unnecessary cost.  

2) Adobe Reader is Free - Digital downloads are saved and emailed as .pdf files which are readable on lots of free software like Adobe Reader on all kinds of digital devices.  

3) Magnifiers - Cross stitch symbols too hard to read? Font too small? Make pattern images larger on your screen easily with the magnifying button.  No need for a magnifying glass here!

4) Saving Trees and Energy - Yes, digital patterns are mongo-easy on the environment.  Isn't that always a good idea?

5) Embroidery Charm - Using a digital file lets you print out embroidery designs directly on your own transfer paper.  User Note: only use inkjet printers with transfer paper. 

A few disadvantages to digital patterns:

1) Technophobes Beware - If you don't own a computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or whatever is next (watchpad, eye implant) you won't be able to use the digital pattern but we still sell the paper patterns here, too!

2) Ink Monsters - Most patterns have just a few need-to-print pages like pattern pieces but if you'll print the entire download some files may contain up to about fifteen pages like Chinese Lantern - Faith.  Printer ink is the most expensive liquid on Earth I've heard so you may need to store up XL versions of at-home printer cartridges if you MUST print everything.

Digital downloads are the present and future thing.  Take advantage of this wonderful option for you now!