Adventure by the River July 1, 2019 18:50

June 30, 2019

Treasured for trout fishing, our Arkansas River destination is just upstream of the Royal Gorge in Colorado.  Dropping 4,600 feet in a mere 120 miles, the river quakes along its banks this fine day.  Blue skies and a hot sun - a perfect day to showcase our Compact Mirrors.

Watch this adventurous video if you're interested in raging rivers, huge shade trees, bright pink flowering cholla cactus and our exciting new line of compact mirrors.

Listen to the sounds of a rushing river, then a flowering field of crickets...

Then have an adventure of your own!

Afterward: My personal sacrifice for shooting this amateur video was ants biting my feet practically the whole time!  Shall we coin a new phrase?  

With great rains come great ant colonies!