Hand-Dyed Cross-Stitch Fabric February 9, 2016 11:55

This past week I stumbled onto a website called  To my delight, I found a new treasure - hand-dyed AIDA cloth for cross-stitching!  Colors with sweet names like "Cotton Candy", "Tea Rose", "Cafe au Lait", "Caribbean Sea", "Seaweed Green", and "Damson Berry" inhabit the sixty-one hand-dyed varieties.  For an 18 x 19 inch (45 x 50 cm) piece it will cost you $15.95 plus shipping.   Dovestitch ensures the fabrics are colorfast.  Patterned and polka dot cross-stitch fabrics are in their selection as well.  I'll be sure to design new patterns on these fabulous fabrics.  Check them out!