News Review February 17, 2015 11:52

Batiks are really the only kind of fabric I use.  Most batiks are imported from Bali, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  Flannel batiks are also amazing to work with.  Today I'm reviewing the website  Last month I made a significant order (over $200) at  Batik selection was incredible.  They probably have hundreds.  I browsed "batik by color".  Other categories included "sea life batiks", "flannel batiks", "sale items", and many others.  Prices range from $12.50 to $6.  When I placed my order, it seemed like they cut the fabric the same day and it was popped in the mail the next day - so great service!  Only two problems I found with this website.  One was did not list the thread-count, which is measure of quality.  For high quality batiks the thread-count can be 600.  If your local quilt store typically only buys high quality batiks, you may be disappointed at some of fabrics.  The second problem I found was that the minimum cut was 1/2 yard.  Many fabrics I selected were for 1/3 yard (.33).  I did not discover until the end that none of the 1/3-yarders I ordered were in my shopping cart.  (They give you a warning page but I did not notice it.)  Overall, I would recommend!