New Southwest Pattern Video March 7, 2019 17:46

Like the treacherous trip from Mexico into the United States, our new pattern video is littered in bristle-sharp cactus.  Cactus in Clay Pots Mobile is a spicy new sewing pattern to whip-up for your own Southwest abode or a special gift for a friend.

Tips on assembling easier are covered in the video.  Enjoy this freebee from your friends here at Raspberry Lane Crafts!

Cactus in Clay Pots


How to Paper Piece a Quilt Block November 30, 2016 09:03

Paper-piecing is quite simple when you get the hang of it.  This new video demonstrates the paper-piecing technique on the quilt block "Agave with Stained Glass".  For this pattern, the blues and aquas used in the paper pieced strip are striking, however, other colors like reds and yellows would be equally stunning!