Sea to Garden Bookmarks Video September 14, 2016 15:33

Watch the Sea to Garden Bookmarks video to learn how to trim the perforated paper of the Black Rose bookmark.   Or watch on the videos tab.

New Cross Stitches for Perforated Paper December 12, 2015 13:25

Sea to Garden Bookmarks, one of three new patterns coming out this December at Raspberry Lane Crafts, are four designs stitched on perforated paper.  Since stitchers cannot pierce in-between the main holes, I've designed three new stitches to solve this problem - see diagrams below.  Additional precautions must be made using the perforated paper:  

1.) Do not bend perforated paper. 

2.) Thread catches on the edges and pulls off the color (gold in my case) - that's why I suggest you trim edges at the end.

3.) When the holes are filled with many stitches be careful not to rip the paper - the paper is more like plastic than paper but still not invincible.

Overall, my first experience cross-stitching these bookmarks on perforated paper was great.  I even ripped the paper once or twice but stitched over it like camouflage - no problem.  Perforated paper is highly suggested by this long-time cross-stitcher!