DMC Floss Shortage August 10, 2020 15:44

Updated: October 12, 2020

What's up with our DMC six-stranded embroidery floss?  As you can imagine, the global virus crisis has slowed production in all sectors of manufacturing.  In addition, deliveries are delaying package arrivals.

Raspberry Lane Crafts is on top of our distributers checking weekly whether their orders from France, the DMC Corp, are arriving.  New estimated dates from our distributers are November 9th.  If that happens, then we won't see fresh supplies here until Mid-November.

Patience is all we can do right now.  Those cross stitch and embroidery projects may remain partly completed for now but we will be in stock in a few months!

Happy stitching!

Metallic Floss Conversion Chart May 22, 2019 14:39

Old DMC Metallic Floss Conversion Chart to New Light Effects Color Numbers

The eleven original DMC Metallic Floss colors have been re-numbered as part of the Light Effects collection.  In this new conversion chart (above) the metallic floss is listed by its old color number.  New color numbers in the Light Effects range are listed in the right-hand column.  In addition, this chart divides the Metallics into their Light Effects Series including: Jewels, Precious Metals and Pearlescents.

This chart is very valuable for those of us who still have the metallics listed by their old names.

Download chart by clicking on it.

See what colors Raspberry Lane Crafts carries right now.

Cross-Stitch Patterns that use Metallics at RLC:

Enjoy and thanks for your visit! 

16 NEW DMC Floss Color Names January 29, 2019 11:58 1 Comment

New 16 DMC six-stranded embroidery floss for sale at Raspberry Lane Crafts

The new 16 DMC six-stranded floss colors have been released.

3880 - Medium Very Dark Shell Pink

3881 - Pale Avocado Green

3882 - Medium Light Cocoa

3883 - Medium Light Copper

3884 - Medium Light Pewter

3885 - Medium Very Dark Blue

3886 - Very Dark Plum

3887 - Ultra Very Dark Lavender

3888 - Medium Dark Antique Violet

3889 - Medium Light Lemon

3890 - Very Light Bright Turquoise

3891 - Very Dark Bright Turquoise

3892 - Medium Light Orange Spice

3893 - Very Light Mocha Beige

3894 - Very Light Parrot Green

3895 - Medium Dark Beaver Gray

Available only as a set at Raspberry Lane Crafts.

35 New DMC Embroidery Floss Names November 6, 2017 15:58 1 Comment

Thirty-five new DMC six-stranded embroidery floss will be here by December.  I'm so excited to begin incorporating them into new cross stitch designs!  Trumpets, please...

01 - White Tin

02 - Tin

03- Medium Tin

04 - Dark Tin

05 - Light Driftwood

06 - Medium Light Driftwood

07 - Driftwood

08 - Dark Driftwood

09 - Very Dark Cocoa

10- Very Light Tender Green

11 - Light Tender Green

12 - Tender Green

13 - Medium Light Nile Green

14 - Pale Apple Green

15 - Apple Green

16 - Light Chartreuse

17 - Light Yellow Plum

18 - Yellow Plum

19 - Medium Light Autumn Gold

20 - Shrimp

21 - Light Alizarin

22 - Alizarin

23 - Apple Blossom

24 - White Lavender

25 - Ultra Light Lavender

26 - Pale Lavender

27 - White Violet

28 - Medium Light Eggplant

29 - Eggplant

30 - Medium Light Blueberry

31 - Blueberry

32 - Dark Blueberry

33 - Fuchsia

34 - Dark Fuchsia

35 - Very Dark Fuchsia


DMC Floss & Just Cross Stitch Ad April 20, 2015 15:35

As early as next week I'll be adding about 1/3 of the DMC six-stranded floss and bulk Darice floss spools to my inventory.  All the colors needed for Raspberry Lane Crafts cross-stitch patterns will be available - except the metallics in the Magic Butterfly Collection.

If you're a cross-stitcher the magazine Just Cross Stitch June 2015 edition contains my ad on page 33.  For those of you buying from a store, it is on sale April 27th.  I'm very excited about that!