DMC Floss Shortage August 10, 2020 15:44

What's up with our DMC six-stranded embroidery floss?  As you can imagine, the global virus crisis has slowed production in all sectors of manufacturing.  In addition, deliveries are delaying package arrivals.

Raspberry Lane Crafts is on top of our distributers checking weekly whether their orders from France, the DMC Corp, are arriving.  Right now, the latest estimated dates from our distributers are end of September.  If that happens, then we won't see fresh supplies here until October.

In coming are some DMC 14-Count AIDA cloth, new Mettler thread sets, and Sweet 'N Petite Charms!

Patience is all we can do right now.  Those cross stitch and embroidery projects may remain partly completed for now but we will be in stock in a few months!

Happy stitching!