For Halloween Night October 15, 2018 17:18

"'It's Hallowe'en tonight,' Kathy said.    She sat on the floor in front of the window seat, busy with her preparations for the evening, intent on the contents of a big cardboard box. On the boulevard outside the dusk was falling almost imperceptibly on the facades of the houses opposite; the automobiles cutting red trails with their rear-lights in the gathering darkness." - "The Candle in the Skull" by Ramsey Campbell

As candy corns melt in fistfuls, the crescent moon peeks upon the horizon, and your little trick-or-treaters scuttle about in white taffeta fairy dresses and black satin vampire capes, remember to have a fun Halloween and watch for the little rodents if your out driving!

If you're in for the night it might be fun to sew the Gaslights of Halloween quilting pattern.  Here's a new video on assembly tips!

"I was working in the lab late one night..."

Gaslights of Halloween Pattern