Green Patterns March 9, 2015 10:29

How green is Raspberry Lane Crafts?  RLC patterns are printed on 30% recycled paper (except one printing job in which virgin paper was used).  This means 30% fewer trees are used, 13% less energy is used, 11% fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, and 14% less water is used in producing it.  One hundred percent recycled paper is a bit too floppy for use with patterns but maybe I'll incorporate it for something (perhaps for my revisions work at home). (Source: Environmental Defense Fund)

My Habitats series patterns really focus on conservation of endangered animals or general education about animals.  Since my B.S. from Colorado State is in Environmental Health, I'll always incorporate pro-environment strategies in my business as well as my home life.  

If you are interested, another website of mine is the Ocean to Ozone Show at in which I record & post a six- to  nine-minute podcast twice a month about environmental news.  It is free with no advertisements and part of my giving back to the planet and all of you.  Thank you!