HOPE June 18, 2020 12:28

Chinese Lantern Hope Symbol quilt block pattern for sale
Yesterday my power went off during the hottest portion of the day (97 degrees).  No air conditioning, no ceiling fans, no refrigerator, no computer, no internet, no t.v., no recharging my electric car, no opening the garage, no using the cell phone since it could not be recharged.   What to do besides bake on the couch and pray for the Black Hills Energy people to fix the transformer or line or whatever was the problem?
Read a book?  I have a nice James Rollins summer read.  Or how about Fourth State of Water by Gerald H. Pollack - interesting stuff. Or...
Stitch my new cross-stitch pattern?  Simple.  Cool.  Fun.  Old-fashioned?  When the old is new again...  That's what I decided. 
When the power was restored an hour later ... for ten minutes ... I was grateful I opened the garage door, plugged in the electric car, retrieved my dinner from the refrigerator and started it cooking in the toaster oven on my back porch.
It was another hour before the permanent power was restored.  Sitting under that cool ceiling fan, feeling the cool wind in my face gave me hope.  That simple pleasure of being cool on an unbearably hot summer day was heavenly!  And it gave me hope for all people in this world.  When we stick together, show kindness to each other, help out, have patience - we will ALWAYS win and we can get through ANYTHING!