News Review February 17, 2015 11:52

Batiks are really the only kind of fabric I use.  Most batiks are imported from Bali, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  Flannel batiks are also amazing to work with.  Today I'm reviewing the website  Last month I made a significant order (over $200) at  Batik selection was incredible.  They probably have hundreds.  I browsed "batik by color".  Other categories included "sea life batiks", "flannel batiks", "sale items", and many others.  Prices range from $12.50 to $6.  When I placed my order, it seemed like they cut the fabric the same day and it was popped in the mail the next day - so great service!  Only two problems I found with this website.  One was did not list the thread-count, which is measure of quality.  For high quality batiks the thread-count can be 600.  If your local quilt store typically only buys high quality batiks, you may be disappointed at some of fabrics.  The second problem I found was that the minimum cut was 1/2 yard.  Many fabrics I selected were for 1/3 yard (.33).  I did not discover until the end that none of the 1/3-yarders I ordered were in my shopping cart.  (They give you a warning page but I did not notice it.)  Overall, I would recommend!

Snow & the Ice Habitats Collection December 26, 2014 11:46

Snow covers the ground this day after Christmas in Pueblo West, Colorado.  Time to relax from the busy-ness of the holiday rushing around.  Maybe I'll go after-Christmas shopping some day this week, maybe I'll stay home by the pellet stove fire sipping hot green tea.  

Wintertime is so fun for sewing.  This week I'm featuring my Ice Habitats Collection.  Polar bears, killer whales, penguins, a narwhal, seals, a walrus and a Native Alaskan are featured in this series of quilt blocks.  Conservation was my motivation for designing the entire Habitats Collection - bringing the spotlight to our wonderful creatures on this Blue Jewel of a planet.  Aquas, greens, lavenders, and white batiks were a joy to play with in this series.  Pattern pieces need to be enlarged.  You'll get a chance to machine embroider the details or use a permanent marker.  Pieces are fused on.  Individual patterns are sold separately or you can buy the entire set for about half price of buying separately.  In addition to the 12 patterns, there is one "Habitats Extra" featuring how to make winter pillowcases and placemats.  Have a great time with this series!