Tide Pools November 16, 2020 18:41

Tide Pool Animals Quilt Block Pattern for Sale at Raspberry Lane Crafts

Tidal Pool quilt block pattern is the newest edition to the Seaside Habitats Quilt Collection.  Habitats quilt collections sport a special essay of the animal featured in the block.  In this pattern's essay "Tidal Pool --- Aquarium of the Rocks", learn about all five creatures in the pattern.  Below is a sneak peak about sea anemones...


Tentacled and ready to sting their prey, these tidal pool dwellers resemble flowers in the water.  Though researchers at the University of Vienna found the genetic code of a sea anemone to be part animal and part plant, these creatures are predators! The Marine Biological Association in the UK reports, “The diet of most anemones consists of small animals such as plankton, crabs and fish, however a number of bigger sea anemones will eat much larger prey.  For example, dahlia anemones can be greedy feeders that will prey on starfish and jellyfish.”[1]  The anemone’s arm-like tentacles contain stinging cells used to stun prey and repel predators.2"


[1]“Fact Sheet: Sea Anemones.” Marine Biological Association, Accessed September 16, 2020