Desert Habitats Collection: An Arid Animals Quilt Book Digital Download

$ 24.99

Desert Habitats Collection: An Arid Animals Quilt by Wendy Christine is a digital download book in pdf format.

All thirteen quilt block and extras patterns are included in this edition: California Condor, The Horned Lizard, A Trail of Quail, Bobcat by the Pool, The Desert Tortoise, The Scorpion, Mexican Gray Wolf, The Peccaries, The Whiptail Lizard, The Armadillo, The Jackrabbit, The Road Runner, and Lizard Shopping Bag 

Each pattern includes:  a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, and block assembly directions.  Plus, each block pattern includes a conservation essay about the animal and a "Save the Earth Tip"! 

After purchase, Raspberry Lane Crafts will email the 20 Mb pdf file through within 2 to 3 business days.

Note: When printing traceable pattern piece pages from Adobe select 100% or the pattern will be a different size.

GREAT DEAL!  Save $65 over buying all the paper versions and save $27 over buying the paper set of patterns.

115 pages

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