Chickadee Tree Quilt Block Pattern

$ 10.99

"With the precision of an acrobat, the black-capped chickadee clung to the Ponderosa pine, hanging upside down to pluck the lolling spotted caterpiller off the dipping limb. Summertime on the edge of the deciduous woods is ripe with seeds, berries and insects for the chickadee to forage.  These hardy birds will stay in winter, as they cache food items and will stay inside their warm nest for days in a particularly cold snap." - from "Black-capped Chickadees"

Block two in the Mountain Habitats Collection, Chickadee Tree quilt block pattern includes: a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, block assembly directions, the essay “Black-capped Chickadees”, and a “Save the Earth Tip”.

Mountain Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch square 

Digital Download

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