"This vampire which is among us is of himself so strong in person as twenty men; he is of cunning more than mortal, for his cunning be the growth of ages; he have still the aids of necromancy, which is as his etymology imply, the divination by the dead, and all the dead that he can come nigh to are for him at command; he is brute, and more than brute; he is devil in callous, and the heart of him is not; he can within limitations, appear at will when, and where, and in any of the forms that are to him; he can within his range, direct the elements; the storm, the fog, and the thunder; he can command all the meaner things: the rat, and the owl, and the bat--the moth, and the fox, and the wolf; he can grow and become small; and he can at times vanish and come unknown.  How then are we to begin our strike to destroy him?" - Professor Van Helsing from  Dracula by Bram Stoker

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