Mountain Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

$ 59.99

Pine forests and rocky slopes abound in this wilderness-themed conservation quilt. Splendor in stitching the wonderful animals that fly, scurry, and fiercely chase from bears and wild cats to beavers and chickadees, each pattern includes an amazing article about the creature of the rocky mountainous regions.

Contains all 12 quilt patterns in the Mountain Habitat series (see individual descriptions). Patterns include: Fishing by the Falls, Chickadee Tree, Elk in the Forest, The Beaver, Snow Leopards, Peregrine Falcon Nest, Ram on the Slope, Black Bear Forest, Owlets on a Branch, Cougar Jumping, Raccoon by the Stream, and Canyon Kaibab.

Patterns contain placement diagram, traceable pattern pieces to enlarge, assembly directions, and the fabric table. Plus, each block pattern includes a conservation essay about the animal and a "Save the Earth Tip"!

Each block is a 15-inch square. 

Save almost half compared to buying individual patterns!

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