The Beaver Quilt Block Pattern

$ 9.99

"Brown water ripples around the three-foot long beaver as she swims around a chewed stump in the river.  Her flat tail floats atop the water and pointed nose glides aerodynamically as she makes way for her lodge – a pile of chewed branches, twigs, leaves and mud the width of the river.   Underwater entrances are the only way inside to her colony." - from "The Beauty of Beavers."

Cabin couches are the perfect place for this design as a throw pillow or sew the Mountain Habitats blocks into an entire quilt!

The Beaver is the fourth block in the Mountain Habitats series of quilt blocks which contains: traceable pattern pieces, placement diagram, fabric table, block assembly directions, and the essay "The Beauty of Beavers" and a "Save the Earth" tip.

Mountain Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block

Digital Download

Beaver swimming in dam graphic.  Copyright 2019 by Wendy Christine

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