Quilt & Craft Patterns

Raspberry Lane Crafts quilt and craft patterns include the Habitats Collections: Ice, Desert, and Mountain (New), pillow patterns, holiday patterns, and home decor patterns.  The Chinese Lantern collection includes: "Longevity", "Fortune", "Faith", "Love", "Peace", "Hope", "Freedom", and "Strength." 

Southwest patterns include "Fiesta Birds" decoration and the "Lizard Shopping Bag", plus the Stained Glass Cactus Collection featuring prickly pear, agave, and ric rac cactus.  Also the Riverwalks Collection features beautiful waterways in Pueblo and San Antonio.  Desert Habitats features lizards, road runner, javelina, scorpion, jack rabbit, and Mexican gray wolf.

Placemat patterns include "Dinner On Us" which features four types of dinners:  Mexican, Italian, BBQ, and Seafood.  Ice animals like the arctic fox, orca, seal and polar bear are featured on placemats in the "Winter Pillowcases and Placemats" pattern.  

For your mountain cabin sew the "Mail Moose" letter holder.  Potholders patterns include four fruits: a plum, an orange, strawberries and bananas called "Fruit Potholders".  

Tropical patterns include Banana Palm Appliqué and the Wild Orchids collection featuring "Blue Orchid", "Orange Thai Orchid", and "Burgundy Bliss."

Ultra See-N-Side bags have a clear view of your projects while remaining very strong.  

Enjoy your sewing!