The Peccaries Quilt Pattern Download

$ 8.99

"Although peccaries may resemble pigs, they are in a different family called Tayassuidae. Peccaries are thinner than pigs with longer legs, smaller hooves and are three-toed instead of four-toed. Peccaries are 30 to 50 pounds lighter than pigs with an upper tusk that points down. Pigs also do not have the peccary’s musk gland." - from "The Wild Peccaries"

The Peccaries quilt block download pattern includes:

  • Placement diagram
  • Fabric table
  • Traceable pattern pieces
  • Assembly directions
  • “The Wild Peccaries” conservation essay
  • “Save the Earth Tip” 

Desert Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block

Paper Version

Also available in:

Desert Habitats Collection: An Arid Animals Quilt Book Download

Desert Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

Desert grass in rock black and white clip art image by Wendy Christine at Raspberry Lane Crafts. Copyright 2018

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