Free Patterns

White Lace Tulip cross stitch pattern is a free download of a white lacy tulip outline on a rose pink AIDA fabric.  Designed by Wendy Christine at Raspberry Lane Crafts.

       White Lace Tulip Cross Stitch

 Date palm tree by Wendy Christine at Raspberry Lane Crafts pictures three aqua-green fronds and three date bunches growing from a brown trunk.

             Date Palm Cross Stitch




           Sunset Hills Bookmark                             Purple Wingback Butterfly

          Blue Umbrella Mushrooms of three Japanese hat-shaped bi-color mushrooms twisted together with gray stems by Wendy Christine Basham   

  Black Moony Cat Cross-Stitch               Blue Umbrella Mushrooms Shelf      



      "Liberty" Coloring Page                 Peach Tulip Cross Stitch Bookmark

 (Click picture for the free download)