California Condor Quilt Pattern Download

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"Before gold was found in San Francisco, California condors, could be found soaring thermals from British Columbia down to Mexico.  These largest of North American birds could be found near cliffs or large trees where they build nests in crevasses, caves, or elevated branches." from the conservation essay  

In this quilt block a California condor swoops over a field of saguaro cactus near the bluffs.

California Condor quilt pattern download includes:

  • Quilt assembly directions
  • Desert habitats finished quilt photo
  • Placement diagram
  • Fabric table
  • Traceable pattern pieces
  • Assembly directions
  • “California Condors Recover” conservation essay
  • “Save the Earth Tip”

Desert Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch square

Paper Version

Desert Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern Set

Desert Habitats Collection Book Download

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