Desert Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

$ 51.99

The Desert Habitat Collection features all 13 patterns in the Desert Habitat series.  Have a wonderful time sewing these animal blocks to add a Southwest flavor to your home.

Patterns include: California Condor, The Horned Lizard, A Trail of Quail, The Bobcat’s Pool, The Desert Tortoise, The Scorpion, Mexican Gray Wolf, The Peccaries, The Whiptail Lizard, The Armadillo, The Jackrabbit, The Road Runner, Lizard Shopping Bag.

Each pattern includes:  

  • Placement diagram
  • Fabric table
  • Traceable pattern pieces
  • Block assembly direction
  • Conservation essay for each block pattern
  • Save the Earth Tip

Quilt Assembly Directions are in California Condor.  

Finished Quilt Size: 73 x 90 inches

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