DMC embroidery floss Light Effects - Metallic

$ 2.45

DMC six-stranded embroidery floss - Light Effects series.  Metallic.

100% polyester. 8.7 yards per skein.

Our collection begins with the following: E168 - Precious Metals Silver; E301 - Precious Metals Copper; E317 - Precious Metals Titanium; E321 - Jewels Red Ruby; E415 - Antique Pewter; E436 - Antiques Golden Oak; E677 - Precious Metals White Gold; E699 - Jewel Green Emerald; E703 - Jewels Light Green Emerald; E718 - Jewels Pink Garnet; E825 - Jewels Blue Sapphire; E898 - Antiques Dark Oak; E3685 - Antiques Rosewood; E3821 - Precious Metals Light Gold; E3837 - Jewels Purple Ruby; E3843 - Jewels Light Blue Safire; E3852 - Precious Metals Dark Gold

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