Dusk by the Fireside Quilt Block Pattern

$ 7.99

"Siberian huskies originated from the Chukchi people of NorthEastern Asia (Siberia). These cold-weather peoples needed a compact dog to travel great distances, carry light loads, expend little energy at moderate speeds in cold weather. The husky was a perfect sled dog." "The Siberian Husky" enclosed in the pattern.

Dusk by the Fireside quilt block pattern includes :

  • Placement diagram
  • Fabric table
  • Pattern pieces
  • Block assembly directions
  • Native Alaskans essay
  • Save the Earth Tip
  • Enlarge to 140% 

Ice Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 12-inch block

Digital Download

Pattern also available in:

Ice Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

Ice Habitats Collection: An Arctic Animals Quilt Book

Black and white drawing graphic of Siberian Husky by Wendy Christine

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