Elk in the Forest Quilt Block Pattern

$ 9.99

"In summertime, elk eat grasses, forbs and aquatic plants.  In winter, they also eat tree bark, twigs and even burned bark.  Burned bark and conifer soup is on the menu.  Exactly how does one digest bark?  Elks have four stomachs: the first for storing food and the other three for digesting."  - from "The Majestic Elk" included in pattern.The bull elk stands alert at the edge of the forest with yellow grasses and large rocks in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  

Elk in the Forest is the third block in the Mountain Habitats series of quilt blocks which contains: traceable pattern pieces, placement diagram, fabric table, block assembly directions, and the essay "The Majestic Elk" and the "Save the Earth" tip.  

Mountain Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch square

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