Emperor Penguins

$ 6.99

"Recently, archeologists have unearthed evidence that 36 million years ago, 5-foot tall Emperor penguins lived in the hot deserts of Peru. The preserved remains had a beak twice the length of its skull, the longest beak of any penguin. Scientists named the newly discovered species Icadyptes salasi. The largest species of ancient Emperor penguin known was up to 6 feet tall." - "Emperor Penguins" (included with pattern)

Emperor Penguins pattern is Block #5 in the Ice Habitats Collection and includes: a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, block assembly directions, the essay “Emperor Penguins”, and a “Save the Earth Tip”. Pattern pieces must be enlarged 140%.

This pattern is also available in the Ice Habitats Collection set (all 13 patterns).

Finished Size: 12-inch block

Black and white drawing graphic of melting glacier ice by Wendy Christine.

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