Gaslights of Halloween Quilted Pattern Download

$ 12.99

Amidst the spiderwebs and dripping candles this All Hallow's Eve, hang six spooky gaslights in bright autumn colors!

Spider, Cat, Ghost, Moon, Tree, and Pumpkin silhouettes on colorful stripes and classic black lantern shape conjure up an exciting sewing creep-fest.

Gaslights of Halloween download pattern includes:

  • Diagrams
  • Assembly directions
  • Fabric table
  • Traceable pattern pieces
  • Plenty of photos

Two hanging variations: three gaslights on a ribbon or six gaslights on a craft chain.

Techniques: Fusible interfacing, quilting, piecing

HALLOWEEN FUN!!!  Have an old monster movie like "Creature from the Black Lagoon" or "The Swarm" playing in the background as you sew these wicked lovelies!  Better yet, see again the classic Ingrid Bergman thriller "Gaslight"

Finished Gaslight: 11 inch square 

Paper Version

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