Ice Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

$ 44.99

Ice-loving animals are celebrated in this frozen-themed conservation quilt.  Not only will you enjoy stitching the wonderful animals big and small from polar bears and killer whales to the arctic fox and seals, each pattern includes an amazing article about the creature of the deep icy polar regions.

Contains all 13 patterns in the Ice Habitat series (see individual descriptions). Patterns include: Polar Bear Swimming, Harp Seals Ice Cavern, Orca Through Ice, Polar Bear with Cub, Emperor Penguins, The Narwhal, Orca and Friend, Polar Bear Cave, Penguins on Ice, Arctic Fox’s Frozen Waterfall, Dusk by the Fireside, Seashore of the Walrus, Winter Placemats and Pillowcases.

Patterns contain placement diagram, traceable pattern pieces to enlarge, assembly directions, and the fabric table. Plus, each block pattern includes a conservation essay about the animal and a "Save the Earth Tip"!   Quilt assembly directions are found in #1 Polar Bear Swimming.

Each block is a 12-inch square

Finished Quilt Size: 58 x 72 inches

Also available in:

Ice Habitats Collection: An Arctic Animals Quilt Book

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