Jewel Ornament Cross Stitch Pattern

$ 13.99

Treasures abound in the Jewel Ornament cross stitch pattern. Three jewel shapes (pear, brilliant, and marquise) in nine color families with golden filigree edges make the holiday season sparkle!

Designs include:

  • tanzanite
  • blue saffire
  • aquamarine
  • emerald
  • topaz
  • carnelian
  • rhodochrosite
  • ruby
  • amber

This pattern contains: cross stitch charts, legends, pattern pieces and ornament assembly directions.  

Cut 14-count AIDA fabric into 4.25-inch squares.  To make the ornaments you'll also need fabric squares, stuffing, gold cord, and beads.

You don't need to know a pirate to get these jewels!

  • Jewel Marquise Count: 22 (w) x 36 (h)
  • Jewel Pear Count: 28 (w) x 39 (h)
  • Jewel Brilliant Count: 36 (w) x 25 (h)

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