Polar Bear Swimming

$ 6.99

"Polar bears are one of earth’s largest land predators, that have been measured in excess of fourteen feet tall when standing on hind legs, only second in size to one species of brown bear." - "Polar Bear Habitats" (included with pattern)  

Polar Bear Swimming is block #1 in the Ice Habitats Quilt Series.

Included in this pattern is a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, block assembly directions, plus directions to assemble the entire ice habitats quilt with a picture of the finished quilt. In addition, a one-page essay of “Polar Bear Habitats” and a “Save the Earth Tip” is included. Pattern pieces must be enlarged to 140%.

This pattern is also available in the Ice Habitats Collection set (all 13 patterns).

Finished Size: 12-inch block

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