Ram on the Slope Quilt Block Pattern

$ 9.99

"The tan coyote jaunted across the desert island avoiding the tall and slender organ pipe cactus growing from pebbled dry ground.   Upslope among the rocky outcropping of Tiburon Island stood a pair of bighorn sheep with large curved horns silouetted against the violet sky of early evening." - from the essay "Mountain Sheep"

A Bighorn Sheep atop a rocky, grassy mountain is featured in  block seven of the Mountain Habitats Quilt Series.

Ram on the Slope pattern includes: a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, block assembly directions, the essay “Mountain Sheep”, and a “Save the Earth Tip”.

Mountain Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block.

Digital Download

Rocky Slope Habitat for Big Horn Sheep Graphic by Wendy Christine Copyright 2019

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