The Beaver Quilt Block Pattern Digital Download

$ 9.99

"Beavers love to eat green bark from aspens, willow bark, lily tubers, apples and aspen leaves. In the winter, beavers eat stored sticks and logs and can stay in their lodges for up to four months. Discarded peeled bark from eating is used to help support the dam.  Orange teeth of the beaver are due to a stronger type of iron-rich enamel that takes longer to wear down." - "The Beauty of Beavers" essay 

The Beaver quilt block pattern digital download is the fourth block in the Mountain Habitats series and includes: traceable pattern pieces, placement diagram, fabric table, block assembly directions, and the essay "The Beauty of Beavers" and a "Save the Earth" tip.

Mountain Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block

Paper Version

Beaver swimming in lake with dam and trees.  Copyright 2019 by Wendy Christine.

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