The Jackrabbit Quilt Block Pattern Digital Download

$ 8.99

"The full moon bathes the desert in blue shadows. Creosote and tar bushes are sparsely scattered throughout the limestone sand. A large black-tailed jackrabbit sits quietly chewing leaves when she hears small rocks tumbling nearby. Like radar, her six-inch ears swivel back and forth to find the disturbance. As soon as she sees the shaggy coyote prancing near, she bolts with a 10-foot long leap." - from "Jackrabbits in the Desert and Beyond..."

The Jackrabbit quilt block pattern digital download includes:

  • Placement diagram
  • Fabric table
  • Traceable pattern pieces
  • Block assembly directions
  • “Jackrabbits in the Desert and Beyond...” essay
  • “Save the Earth Tip”

Desert Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block

Paper Version

Also available in:

Desert Habitats Collection Quilt Pattern

Desert Habitats Collection: An Arid Animals Quilt Book Download

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