The Whiptail Lizard Quilt Block Pattern Digital Download

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"Whiptails are quite at home in the sand. They are one of the most prevalent lizards in the dry southwestern U.S. Geographical range of whiptails includes the southwest U.S., the West Indes, and Central and South America excluding Patagonia. They are found in burrows or trees not only in deserts, but also swamps, tropical rain forests, and savannas. In the desert, whiptail lizards are often found near dense vegetation, sandy washes, or arid arroyos." from "Whiptail Lizards"

Block nine in the Desert Habitats Collection, The Whiptail Lizard quilt block pattern includes: a placement diagram, fabric table, pattern pieces, block assembly directions, the essay “Whiptail Lizards”, and a “Save the Earth Tip.”

Desert Habitats Collection

Finished Size: 15-inch block

Paper Version

Yucca plant in cracked earth desert clipart black and white by Wendy Christine at Raspberry Lane Crafts. Copyright 2018

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