Vera Cocha 8 x 8 Art Print

$ 12.00

Vera Cocha on aqua art print features an outline of Vera Cocha.  

  • Printed in U.S.  
  • Packaged in a clear poly bag with acid-free cardboard.  
  • Half-inch white border
  • Ready to frame

Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

The Art of Wendy Christine

About Vera Cocha:   "The pre-Inca and the Incan pantheon of gods places a huge emphasis on their gods called the Viracochas. In fact, the leader of the pre-Incan pantheon of gods was called 'Viracocha' though he was also known by different names such as Con-Tici and Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra. According to the Incan mythology, Viracochas came in long boats from distant lands beyond oceans.

Incas consider Viracocha the creator of the heaven and earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. He was also the creator of humans. He created the first form of humans who were brainless giants. Displeased with his work, he destroyed them with floods and then created the modern day humans with smaller stones. Viracochas were the gods who taught Incas art, culture, science, reincarnation and the basics of human civilization. They eventually disappeared across the Pacific Ocean by walking on water.

Incas describe the physical feature of Viracocha as follows: he was known to be of medium height (about 6-7 ft tall according to some narrations), white in complexion and wore a white robe (like an alb). He also wields the thunderbolt (similar to Indra's vajrayudha, Thor's hammer and Zeus's thunderbolt). All Viracochas shared similar physical features. Each were also called the rulers of earth, water, air etc."


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